-The Museum is currently one of the largest archaeological development projects in the world. The museum acts as
the intersection between modernity and antiquity given the global interest in Pharaonic history which goes back to over 5000 years of civilization that will focus on the history of Ancient Egypt from Prehistory to the Greco-Roman period.
The design of the museum resembles the pyramids and builds on the difference in level to create a structure that doesn’t extend above the plateau and defined by visual axes extending from it towards the three pyramids, creating a new edge to the existing plateau.
The extraordinarily complex concrete structures with an extreme level of precision, so as to ensure the perfect alignment of the underside of the roof and its suspended ceilings consisting of cascading panels.
The building will display more than 100,000 exhibits and feature ancient Egyptian monuments and treasures.
The project is estimated to cost $550m supported by UNESCO.
Location: Al-Remayah square- 2.5 KM away from the legendary pyramids of Giza- Egypt.
Opening: Part of the museum will open to visitors by 2019, with the final grand opening due in late 2020.