Mr. Jean De_martres


During the last visit of Mr. Jean De_martres "HEAD OF AFRICA AREA” to Sika Egypt , We had the chance to ask him few questions that many of our valued clients kept asking us in many events. as we know Mr. Jean accepted Sika Egypt invitation and spent with us few days where we ensured his full support to Sika Egypt.

Interviewed by

Waleed Mohamed Abd El-Hafeez
Deputy Marketing Manager


   What do you see is the major strength of the Egyptian market and why does Sika Africa give great attention to Sika Egypt?

    Egyptian construction market is the biggest of Africa in terms of
cement consumption with high potential in  terms of RMC's penetration
rate increase, Sika in Africa is building long term presence despite
challenges of the country economy and it has  always been the leader in
enhancing know-how in construction with high standards of products and
application training.  

Sika feels part of the Egyptian infrastructure and building development to transfer best of its technical knowledge and latest know-how.

   As you know, Sika Egypt invested a lot in the 3rd water bars facility.
Why did you select Sika Egypt ? 
what will be your expectations ?
We saw that your strategy is to also focus on the flooring projects in the Egyptian market, especially with many new systems like Sikafloor®PurCem®, Do you see this as a new strategic move ?

  As mentioned ,we rely on domestic Egyptian market as well as competitive export base which was the main driver of selecting Egypt for such investment.

Sika Egypt employees have also proved along the years their commitment and know-how to operate such technology.

Flooring is one of Sika technology where we always improve products and systems,
that's why we would like to bring to our customers not only the already
very well known epoxy floors, but also the polyurethane systems
extremely adapted to fulfill industries, pharmaceuticals and many others
customer needs.  

   The qualities of the products that come out from Sika Egypt are typical to what we get from the mother company in Switzerland. Why do you see this is good for our sister companies in Africa? Is it because of the trade agreements between Egypt and African country?

   Sika, wherever it operates never compromises on quality and technical assistance. We apply the same all over Africa. That implies as in all subsidiaries a full set of Quality Control policies implemented in Egypt with regular control systems, which keeps Sika Egypt by far the best in the chemical construction market.

   Where do you see Sika Egypt in 5 years from now? How do you see the growing in the coming period? (ie.organically /possibly through acquisition route) ?

    Egypt remains as a growing potential market for Sika organically based on the needs of infrastructure, commercial and residential buildings as well as with a potential acquisition whenever could fit and bring synergies to our already strong position in the market.

   I am convinced that Sika Egypt will have more than double the present size in the next 5 coming years.

    Any major expansion plans for Sika Egypt ?In how many years do you see Sika Egypt asking for the 4th water stop production line?

   At the moment ,we have invested in the state of the art new production waterbars line which should cover the Egyptian, Africa and Middle East needs for the next 5 years.

   What are your plans regarding Sika Egypt staff? Where do you see them in the next 5 years?

    Sika always relies on the commitment, accountability and entrepreneurial spirit of its employees, We will continue to promote and train our staff in Egypt based on such a development model which will give opportunities of development in and outside of Egypt for the talents and performers.