June 1 marks the official inauguration of the world's longest rail tunnel. Sika's front-line technologies and construction expertise played a crucial role in the successful completion of one of Europe's most important infrastructure projects

The 57 km-long Gotthard base tunnel in Switzerland is both a novelty and a remarkable achievement in tunnel engineering. It is the longest rail tunnel in the world and passes through one of the highest Alpine massifs. It runs some 2,000 meters below the mountain summits and, even at its highest point, is still only around 550 meters above sea level. The new rail section will reduce the time that massive freight and modern high-speed trains need to travel from Zurich to Milan by around one hour.

Gotthard base tunnel in Switzerland

he client specified an extremely long service life, during which time the concrete and waterproofing systems should require no significant maintenance. In the course of an elaborate prequalification process, Sika entirely fulfilled all the stringent requirements