Sika Egypt was honored by the visit of: Mr. Paul Halg - Sika Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Ivo Schadler - EMEA Region Head Mr. Jean De Martres - Sika Africa Head;to Egypt to celebrate the outstanding success of Sika Egypt

4 : 5 november 2019

1- Museum Visit

At the Egyptian Museum accompanied by Ehab Naguib

2- Dinner at Marriott Mina House

Dinner under the foot of the pyramids held in the honor of Sika Chairman of the Board of Directors, EMEA Region Head and Sika Africa Head to Egypt, attended by

Mr. Ehab Naguib – Sika Egypt General Manager and our winning team.

3- Sika Egypt Factory

4- Dinner with Swiss Ambassador

Dinner with  Mr. Paul Garnier – Ambassador of Switzerland in Egypt