Our Aim

To strengthen the successful positions we have achieved and to develop new potential for success by constantly improving and innovatively updating our product range, systems and procedures.

a) We constantly evaluate our products, systems and procedures to determine if they fulfil their required purpose and to identify areas for technical improvement or increased market acceptance. We seek to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

b) We constantly expand and improve our product range by introducing innovations in conformity with corporate strategies and, wherever possible, with production capacities.

c) The research and development of new products and systems, as well as of new methods of application and production, is a responsibility of the Group Management. It assigns whole areas of activity or specific projects to the laboratories or engineering departments of appropriate Subsidiary Companies.

d) The Subsidiary Companies are responsible for the constant updating of the product range, and also for executing the inevitable adjustments to meet local conditions. The required standards are established by corporate R+D, which also ensures a corresponding quality control.

e) The Group Management encourages, co-ordinates and monitors the flow of information between the Subsidiary Companies and corporate R+D. Furthermore, it enforces the necessary steps to ensure that secrecy is maintained.

f) Where necessary, the corporate product range will be supplemented through licensing agreements, as well as through the purchase of finished products.

g) The one-sided dependence on selected raw materials or suppliers should be avoided at all cost.