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Two forces propel research and development at Sika. These are on one hand global  trends defined by the principles of sustainable development, such as the demand for building methods that conserve resources, for energy-saving construction materials or lower-weight motor vehicles. On the other hand the diverse specificities of the construction industry from country to country such as differences in raw materials, climate or legal regulations require considerable adaptation of products to meet local needs.

In accordance with these circumstances, the company research strategy has both centralized and decentralized components. The centrally organized research handles long term research programs, delivers analytical services and provides R&D management for the entire Sika Group. These responsibilities are bundled in the subsidiary Sika Technology AG. The second component of the R&D strategy is the regional adaptation of products, solutions and applications. Eleven Technology Centers in America, Europe and Asia take on this challenge.

In collaboration with regional support centers proximal to customers the technology centers additionally adapt Sika products to local conditions and needs. The support centers are also responsible for finding suitable local raw materials to cost-optimize onsite product manufacturing. As the volume of information to be managed and the complexity of product requirements is constantly increasing, Sika combines focused use of resources – Technology Centers and Regional Support Centers – with central administration of know-how and adaption of global solutions to regional and local needs.

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