"I have been working at Sika since 1992. I started my career as technical sales engineer from 1994 until 1997. In this role I succeeded to build up the Elastic Bonding technology for the biggest bus-factory called IKARUS with more than 4000 busses produced yearly.

In those days the industry products were not known on the Hungarian market, therefore my task was to break in with the new technology into the market. Since then we kept our position as the most successful company in the segment transportation. Now, after 15 years, I can proudly say, that we are selling more than 200 different industry products in Hungary."

Gábor works at: Sika Hungary.

Current Job: Industry Manager (Technical Engineer)

Description of activities:
- Business Unit Manager Industry
- Fleet manager

Previous Jobs at Sika:  
1992 to 1993: Representative of Sika Austria, Technical Sales Engineer 
1994 to 1997: Technical Sales Engineer